Jammy Dodgers by Robert Grieve Black 2011

Jammy Dodgers is a marvellous story set in the ganglands of Glasgow. The story is built around the time of the Ice Cream Wars in the years between 1979 and 1984. What happened? What provoked such aggravation, smashed vans and smashed heads? Was it drugs? Who was guilty? Who was innocent?  

The book is fiction but the characters all seem real. Jamie (Jammy) Robertson is a crime reporter who gets hooked on the story when he is handed a file of an unsolved robbery by an acquaintance from his youth. As the wars explode on the streets of Glasgow's housing schemes Jamie gets sucked in by an overpowering desire to find out what lies behind the violence.

Along the way he meets Superintendent Sandra Paterson, an intriguing police lady that he loves and loses. Some stories have a twist in the tail. This one has a roller-coaster finale that twists and turns as Jamie's own life spirals out of control.

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